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Ebony Creek Web Design, Nanaimo: earthy, elegant, sophisticated custom websites

So...what do you offer and what does it cost?

Ebony Creek offers the services listed below. As for cost, unfortunately there's no standard answer to that one. Hiring a designer is an investment in your business, bringing the talent of an artist alongside your ideas to create a custom and unique identity. Obviously, every project is different and will encompass different priorities, desires and features, but I can provide some ballpark starting figures to consider. Initial consultations and quotations are always free!

My hourly rate is $65 -- some items are flat rate, others will be billed by the minute. All prices are subject to change with the winds of time.

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Custom Websites

A typical range for a site such as those in my portfolio would be $1100 - $2000, with an average of about $1400. The base price below encompasses the design and development of a custom-crafted 3-5 page brochure site with original graphics, created just for you. The actual price will depend on the design and any additional features, such as slideshows.

Starts at $900

Single Page "Flyer Site"

Sure, it's fun to click on tabs for different pages, but if you have limited information to display then multiple pages may not be necessary. If you could fit it all on a one-page flyer, then an online version might be all you need for now. These pages are still fully custom-designed but have a limited length. Actual price will depend on design and features desired.

Starts at $550


Ebony Creek can host your website for as little as $15/month. Includes up to three unique domain email addresses such as you@yourcompany.com.

Starts at $180 ($15/mo) - 12 mth contract (standard shared service)

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wrench graphicMaintenance and Updates

Just as your car needs regular maintenance, so does your website. This ensures everything is working properly, and even a slight change once in awhile keeps your site from going stale in the search engine world.

Ebony Creek will look after all your site changes and updates so you can go do something more fun! This also ensures your site never loses its unique look and design.

Custom maintenance packages can be created on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs to maximize cost efficiency. Maintenance Plans start at $30/mth.

$65/hr (billed in 15 minute time blocks)

Graphic Design - $65/hour

Logos, business cards, letterhead and custom graphics or backgrounds needed to capture the right look and feel for your business. I even make super-fun corporate Christmas cards!

Logo Design:  Starts at $175
Business Cards:  Starts at $100 (logo extra)
Christmas Cards:  Starts at $200

Image Editing - $65/hour

Cropping, touch-ups, adjustments and optimizing for fast loading online. I am also a digital artist and freely confess to being a Photoshop addict — I can fix common issues with photos, along with creating many of today's popular post-production effects.