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Ebony Creek Web Design, Nanaimo: earthy, elegant, sophisticated custom websites

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Hello, I'm Andrea.
I LOVE making websites.

I live to create and surround myself with beautiful things, from gardens to decorating. After obtaining an Associate Certificate in Web Technologies through BCIT, I was excited to discover a new realm of artistic expression. Ebony Creek Web Design became reality, and I have set forth to help make the internet a more beautiful place!

My passion for color coordination and décor trickles naturally into my designs. Although I'm drawn to warm, earthy colors, it's great fun to develop unique color schemes and artwork that suits the subject I am working with. While lighter, simple designs are more appropriate at times, my pursuit of visual appeal tends to produce color-rich, artistic pages that seek to evoke positive emotional response in the viewer.

Why Work With Me?

Designer and Developer in one:
I can make your site look and work great.

Fun Times:
I generally take only one or two clients at a time, allowing for a more personable relationship which is something I value. There is usually significant laughter involved because, hey, making a website should be fun!

By Your Side:
There is much to think about when designing a website from scratch. You can expect to be embarking upon a one-to-two month process from first contact to launch, and I'm here to help keep you focused so it doesn't become overwhelming. I will work with you to develop the overall look and layout, any custom graphics you may require, and walk you through the process from concept to completion.

A Few Do's and Don'ts...

My specialty...
...is establishing an attractive internet presence for small and home business clients. I also design logos, business cards and other stationery to help develop a consistent look and feel for your business. Most of my sites are basically online brochures, allowing people to find your business - in essence, an online yellow page ad.

Selling Stuff?
Although I don't personally program elaborate e-commerce sites, I can set up a simple shopping cart system to allow online orders and payments through PayPal. Great for artists, crafters etc. wanting to offer very basic online sales.

Site Updates:
When clients mention wanting to update their website themselves, after re-evaluating their content we usually determine the majority of the site is static information, with only small portions needing to be changed on occasion.

As I've experimented with websites built entirely with Content Management Systems (allowing clients to make their own changes), clients sometimes find them awkward and time consuming to learn, and they are definitely limited style-wise from a maintenance perspective. Without accessing the code behind the site you simply cannot create and maintain all the pretty things that you paid your designer to create for you! It actually makes me sad when a site that starts out lovely becomes - well, not! - due to one or more people making changes via CMS systems.

I take pride in my designs, and the majority of my clients simply prefer me to look after their updates while they go do something more fun, knowing the style and layout they originally paid for will not be compromised.

Now, all that being said, if you do have small areas of your site that will need frequent updating, I can provide client access to just those areas, which may be of benefit to your particular situation. Ask for details!

Samples of my work...
...can be viewed on my portfolio page. If you find my style connects with yours, I would be delighted to hear from you and discuss the possiblities!